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Volume 1, Issue 2
Autumn 2022

Table of Contents

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Editorial Board


2022 Convention Presentations


Keynote Speakers

Listening to Nature, and Naturalising the Listener and Sound-Maker: 

An Acoustic Ecology Approach to Music and Environmental Education

Ioanna Etmektsoglou

Acoustic Communities, Children and Young People Becoming Collaborative Creators

Duncan Chapman


Acoustic Ecology in the Field of Elemental Dance and Music Pedagogy

Olympia Agalianou

Music - Nature - Concerts for Children

Antje Blome-Müller & Doris Valtiner-Pühringer

Creating Music Through Real and Imagined Environments

David Wheway

How the Australian Landscape and the Stories Embedded Within it Influence the Performance Outcomes of Moorambilla Voices

Michelle Leonard and Margie Moore

Resources for Community Building in Dramatic Play Activities at a Training College for Nursery-School Teachers

Wakako Nagaoka & Ryota Kitamoto

A Project Inspired by We Are Water Protectors 

Sofía López-Ibor

Inspiring Students to Connect With Nature Through Children’s Literature

Julia Malafarina, Jennifer Stacey, Petya Stefanova

Nature in ALEV School

Elif Slater

Play in Nature, an Encounter With Nature

Eun Joo Jung

Children Are the Beauty Of Nature That Have Been Born Into This World

Krongtong Boonprakong

2022 Convention

From Around the World

The European Mentorship Programme in Orff-Schulwerk Pedagogy

Christa Coogan, Elin Bergdal, Aixa Toledo Benítez, Wan Yu Goh, Xavi Manyoses Rocamora

Anything Can Be Music

Monika Pullerits

A Farewell to Giovanni Piazza: His Original Orff-Schulwerk Legacy

Checco Galtieri



Latin American Encounter With Music and Movement: An Approach to Traditional Latin American Music

Through Orff-Schulwerk

Maristela Mosca

Around the World
From the IOSFS
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IOSFS Updates

News from the IOSFS

Shirley Salmon


Reviews of Publications

Orff Schulwerk in Diverse Cultures: An Idea That Went Round the World  

Edited by Barbara Haselbach and Carolee Stewart, reviewed by Robyn McQueen

Looking at the Roots: A Guide to Understanding Orff Schulwerk

By Wolfgang Hartmann, reviewed by Werner Beidinger

Around the World with Five Notes; An Experiential Journey With 46 Pentatonic Songs

By Ulrike Meyerholz, reviewed by Micaela Grüner

Music Right from The Start: Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Music Education

By Dartsch, M., Economidou, N., and Piispanen, U., reviewed by Erika J. Knapp

Publication Reviews
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