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Volume 2, Issue 2
Autumn 2023




Sarah Hennessy & Verena Maschat


Convention 2023 Keynotes

Buzz, Summ or Vizz? 

Fostering Linguistic Diversity through Music Education Practices

Sezgin Inceel  

The Life-Enhancing Power of Dance

Royston Maldoom

Challenging Attitudes Towards Race and Representation in Music Education

Nathan  Holder


Convention 2023 Presentations

An Orff-Schulwerk Practice with Refugee Populations: 

Strengthening Resilience and Enabling Hope

Christa Coogan 

Pedagogical Competence is the Key to Accessibility and Inclusivity

Markku Kaikkonen

The Significance of Relationships in Inclusive Music and Dance Lessons 

Erik Esterbauer

Including Everyone? 

Shirley Salmon

Innovative Approaches to Music Education: Technology, Creativity, and Inclusion

Felipe Cuevas Martínez

We Are Not Yet Too Old. 

Artistic-Geragogical Offers in Music, Speech, Movement and Dance for Elderly People

Christine Schönherr     

Born There but Teaching Here

Christa Coogan


Convention 2023 Associated Schools and Institutions Presentations

At the Core. Associated Schools and Institutions – An Overview

Christoph Maubach

The Arrival. Encountering the Unknown 

Virginia Longo 

Voci Corsare - A Musical Journey Between Islands of Loneliness. 

An Educational Experience Combining Two Kinds of Vulnerability

Emanuela De Bellis and Federica Galletti

The Hakka People of China: Displaced and Dispersed

Xu Mai and Sarah Brooke

Orff-Schulwerk Philosophy Grown in South Korea

Sr. M. Johannita Kweon

Diversity is the Beauty of the World

Krongtong Boonprakong

Publication Reviews
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Reviews of Publications

Music – Why it Matters

By Nicholas Cook, Reviewed by Wolfgang Hartmann

Understanding Music Education: Exploring Children’s Musical Worlds

By Mary Stakelum, Reviewed by Andrea Sangiorgio   

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