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Volume 1, Issue 1
Spring 2022

Table of Contents

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Welcome and Editorial


Shirley Salmon


Editorial Board


2021 Convention Presentations


Keynote Speakers

Play and Playfulness: Planning for Freedom and Structure in Orff-Schulwerk

Elizabeth Wood  

For the Love of Children: Music, Enculturation, and Education

Patricia Shehan Campbell


Planning with Mind Maps

Shirley Salmon

Creative Group Work as a Central Pedagogical Strategy in the Orff-Schulwerk Approach

Andrea Sangiorgio

To Ripple the Water: Music and Culture

Kristín Valsdóttir and Elfa Lilja Gísladóttir

It Takes a Village - Planning for Inclusion and Belonging Through Play

Charnell King

Orff Music Therapy and Playful Interactions

Bethany Rowe

Weaving Journeys - Ways of Developing Creative Learning Processes

Caroline McCluskey

Playful Possibilities: Improvisation with Speech and Found Sounds

Michael Chandler

A Process of Opening

Kate Buchanan, Andrew Maud and Maria Neil-Smith

The Bauhaus Approach Through Orff Music and Dance Education

Tany Zisiadou and Vicky Sachpazi

Speak Up for the Planet!

Virginia Longo

100 Years of Bauhaus: Chairs

Xu Mai and Sarah Brooke

2021 Convention

From Around the World

SingOrff in the Pandemic

Paul Grosse 

"Crossroads" Unites Ukraine

Svetlana Fir

Orff South Africa

Julie Griffiths

Dance for Educators

Carme Nájera

Around the World

Historical Perspectives

Orff-Schulwerk Sources in the Archive of the Orff Centre Munich

Claudia Zwenzner

Historical Persectives
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IOSFS Updates

IOSFS Resonances

Christoph Maubach

News from the IOSFS

Tiffany English

From the IOSFS

Reviews of Publications

Taking a Learner-Centred Approach to Music Education; Pedagogical Pathways

by Laura Huhtinen-Hildén and Jessica Pitt, reviewed by Nadja Kraft

The Orff Music and Movement Education as a Starting Point and a Destination

by Olympia Agalianou, reviewed by Konstantina Dogani

Handbuch und Lexikon EMP

by Michael Dartsch, Claudia Meyer, and Barbara Stiller (Hrsg.), reviewed by Micaela Grüner

You are the Instrument

by Cora Krötz, reviewed by Wolfgang Hartmann

Publication Reviews
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